Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Forming a Relationship

When I first got married even, first Friday adorations were fairly easy to make. Plus I was trying to get to mass more often. I think that is something I wanted to point out because once you begin this greater communication with Jesus, I think it is natural to want to experience that closeness just as we do in our human relationships. Remember when you were dating and you couldn't wait to talk to or see that person? Could you stand to wait a whole week?? I never could. So you may experience that and it is normal and if you don't I don't think that is wierd either. Really everyone has their own unique experiences with Jesus as He is present in the Blessed Sacrament.

Occasionally I even invited non-Catholics whom I felt were open-minded enough to come and experience the presence. One friend took me up on it. She loved it, even if only b/c it gave her time to really just be.

Once I got pregnant I missed more often than I cared to, but made maybe 1/2 of them. Then once Rachel came into our world, I was blown away. She wasn't very old maybe, it was after she'd been baptized in November so I want to say it was in December. She'd had a bad day of needing to be held all day and nursing all day. And I don't know why, but I said, "We're going to go see Jesus." So we did and I was sitting there and probably really first time I was so able to hear His voice, and He said, "Take her home and she will be fine." She slept soundly that night and I had been so tired that it wasn't until the next morning I realized what a blessing that rest had been and that it was in my obedience and moving (moving in Him) that I could find grace. That all sounds so easy doesn't it? ha!!

I began to find opportunities more difficult until Rachel was 1 yr old when she went to Mother's Day Out. But it was during those months that still the Holy Spirit was putting ideas into my head. I kept hearing and reading about spiritual directors. I guess I had never heard that at all, and when I'd listen to radio it sounded as though everyone knew something I needed to know. Then I got an email invitation to hear a speaker on that very subject. I even made sure I could bring Rachel with me. I left there and I thought "Oh I hope she'll see me, I know I need her." So I called her and was again so blessed to have had the Holy Spirit to enable this relationship to grow for me.

My husband works out of town several weeks at a time, so she's with me most of the time!!

Once Rachel was going to Mother's Day Out, it was difficult for me to even go to the office on Tues and Thurs b/c I really just wanted to go to the Adoration Chapel and/or Mass. Which happened most often for a while, and then reality and work took over and once a week was still great. When my husband was home sometimes I would run over there while he watched Rachel. That's when the Perpetual Adoration Chapel came in extreme use, no need to worry abt what time it closed. I never went at crazy hours, but just didn't have to worry.

I was actually floored and dismayed one day when I went over there and they didn't have it open because it was snowing!!!??? I missed being able to see Him.

I've taken Rachel with me a number of times for short visits when the day is hectic actually and I have no idea how to relieve my tense feeling, I will drive over there because I know most definitely that is where the answer lay. Most definitely.

But then the school year comes to an end............

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