Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here it is end of May 2007 and what to do??? It is during this time somewhere in here that my spiritual director informs me that not everyone has this calling. Which was new to me...I hadn't realized this. I had no idea it was a calling really for me. So I started to do some more research upon her suggestion. Eucharistic Adoration and Purgatory or the Poor Souls were heavy on my mind as had been Divine Mercy. In my search for info on Eucharistic Adoration, I found an online Perpetual Adoration. I kept looking at the site and wondered how could this work???


Yes!!! So I was home most of the time with workers remodeling our house, which made me feel home-bound on days. I've got this toddler every day, and a husband who was hardly home to help. All of my friends work or put their kids in daycare...so no help really. Well what I found was this online Perpetual Adoration. At nap time, and the workers went to lunch, which usually coincided, I could spend 30-40 min in prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament!!!

So I think every mom and dad need to know about this, every older person who would like to spend time with Jesus but doesn't want to do traffic or can't get around....any person who just can't physically get there, can do this if they use the internet of course. Wouldn't that be a wonderful idea, to have the little small video of that going all day while your family is home, and your computer is on?? Jesus would be there with you.

I'm telling you it was unusual at first, I even thought is this sacred or holy or blasphemous?? But then I thought and was reminded how John Paul the Great urged us to use tools of technology to spread God's Word. Why not?? But you are used to being in a quiet holy place, and that has to be how you approach it from your own quiet holy place inside. You can kneel if you wish I suppose. But mostly it is your time with Jesus.

Just sitting here thinking how fabulous would this be to bring this to people in the hospital on a laptop computer for 30 min!!! Ahhh! Another great idea!!! Wow I can see this can be so easily brought anywhere!!!

What a keen idea!! God will get where He needs to be see, He is always going to raise up those in prayer who need to pray, act, or move. He's going to find those unsuspecting souls who can and will work for Him because He asked, it's that simple. Those who listen and follow often, not knowing even, the voice of the Holy Spirit. They don't realize what a huge part of the kingdom they are participating in right then but He brings all into being. Wow!! Each of us plays his part in many simple and small ways.

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