Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Small Servant

Wow, I was amazed at what happened today. My day got changed around so I had at least an hour, so I went over to St. Stephen's for adoration. It is really amazing how each day, the Holy Spirit helps me to find time or continues to pull and tug at me until I realize what I really need is Jesus!! So good thing, I go over there and get to the chapel and realize there is a lady vacuuming. I ask her "Where is Jesus?" She tells me He is on the altar of the main church, and I can go in there until she finishes. I say great please take your time. There was one other lady from St. Ann's and just me.

While I was praying, I kept coming back to being able to be obedient and serve and how could I or can I or am I doing that? I felt the warmth of Jesus as I looked upon Him. It was as though He was smiling at me. Then the lady cleaning came in after about 1/2 hour and the other lady from St. Ann's came up to the altar. Another woman also had come in and she also approached the altar so I immediately got up to do the same.

See I really never know for sure what to do anywhere so I just move as though I do!! ha!!

I could see one lady was going to carry the monstrance, another a candle, and then one lady had the bells and the other candle which I reached out for. So I awaited the other candle bearer on the steps of the altar for us to get together and we got to escort Jesus back to the adoration chapel. AHHHH!!! I was so humbled and so excited at the same time to be able to be in service to Him at this moment, at this hour. It wasn't until we got seated again in the chapel that it struck me- I was there for His service in obedience to Him calling me. Also humbled to know that it was not because I have done meritorious things or because I am so holy. It is just because He wanted me there with Him.

He has often told me "I am not like human men." I have trust issues and honesty issues with men (mankind). So He has assured me, I cannot look upon Him as another man, and He is right. He is Almighty God, for whom today I was able to serve in my small manner. I like this today. I was where I needed to be, which I just keep asking God to bring me to where I am most useful in my life. Let me build on those talents which He has given me to do useful things that matter, while working on those ever-so-small blemishes that I would like to remove.

It is through this life, my life, each day that in time I will with God's grace become worthy of my place in heaven. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

It is these small happenings in our lives that you might possibly become more aware of in your own life too, as Jesus continues to call to you to experience life with and in Him. Main thing is do not consider yourself unworthy in any manner to spend time with Jesus. He wants you to be there if He is calling you to do so. Do not say to yourself I don't know how to pray, or what do I have to offer, or I am scared.... be comforted you are not alone, I feel like that quite often, but I keep going and you should go because whatever you 'do' will be pleasing to Him. But He is calling you if you are reading this and that is the most important thing you need to keep in mind. You don't want to keep the Lord and what He has in store for you waiting!

Blessings to each of you and have a great day!!

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